Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I'd add Sri Lankan tumbleweeds, if I knew how!
I should've known how the day of the Pola was going to go by my lunch order.  I found a funky little cafe on Pedlar Street and ordered a sandwich and juice before going to the market.  After about 15 minutes of banging and clanging about in the kitchen, the rather flustered looking chef/waiter/tech guy/bus boy came out and asked if I wanted peanut butter on my chicken club sandwich!  I have to admit a big "double u - tee- eff " look came over my face as I contemplated this option!  Lunch was gross. Oh yeah, my camera died too.

So after that debacle, I hauled all my stuff over to the market square.  It's just outside the lovely old law courts in Galle.  There are huge banyan trees providing shelter and clean public toilets nearby.  I was placed next to the end near a bank...wow that'll drive people my way!  It turned out to be quite a fun place to be as all the people at the bank were young and genki.  

It was quite busy for the first 2 hours and I chatted with a few people.  There is a small expat community in Galle.  They came over and looked and I even sold 2 belts!  I was surprised by that.  Then dead calm...nobody.  As it turns out this is low season in Galle and there was nary a tourist in town.  In fact, the hotel owner told me that this is the time of year most hotels shut down for renos, etc.  Comedy and life, eh?

So as it is in Sri Lanka, there is always a cricket game going on somewhere.  On the other part of the square, some kids were playing.  Soon all the bank people had drifted over and a quite raccous game got going!  Honestly, there was nothing to do but chat with the other vendors.  I met an artist, a couple of musicians, some lacemakers.  In retrospect, I really came away with a lot from the experience, not cash but definitely a different kind of experience.  The people I yoga'd for the Good Market very kindly came down to check me out!  They are a funky couple from Hikkaduwa and have a cute little lodge/studio there.  I had to laugh as they really loved my hippo cash can!  In fact, I think more people liked it than my yoga stuff!

All in all, I was a little bummed but it was fun and I'm proud of the leap I took.  The drive down and back was great.  I often forget how cool it is that I'm driving myself around Sri friggin' Lanka!  Of course, I missed having companionship for dinner but I was so tired at the end of the day that I just ate and left.

The monsoon is upon us and the weather is gloomy and wet.  You know it's different when N finds 29 degrees cool!  It's actually good weather for sewing and I have always admired these napkins from Paradise Road.  The Sinhalese and Tamil alphabets are so interesting and graphically pleasing that I knew I had to do something with them.  So I pulled out my old Chinese Temple Guard bag as my inspiration and template and this is what I created yesterday.  Ta dah!

Sinhalese Alphabet bag.
Faux Marrimeko lining.

Now I have to make a Tamil alphabet cosmetic bag to go with! I have to be careful as it's easy to venture into CIDA WOMAN** land with handmade stuff.  In fact, G has started to call me "Etsy Johnson".  It's actually not a bad name, tee hee.

So I am now turning my focus towards home for the summer.   I will write soon.

* apologies to Disney

**a woman of a "certain age" who wears all drapey ethnic clothing and jewelry.  May also own a few feral cats.

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