Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Date @ SAM

I've given up thinking that I'll be able to be bright and witty for an evening "date night" so I've changed things around a bit.  G and I go out on Saturday mornings (when I'm not in class).  It's been great!  The kids don't even notice we're gone, we get to do what I like, and I can usually get a coffee or a lunch out of the deal!  "Brilliant, if I do say so myself!"

Today we went to visit the Seattle Art Museum.  They have some "Old Masters" exhibit on, which I enjoyed but they had some exhibits from Ghana and other parts of West Africa that really caught my eye.  Well, my textile eye that is!  I've had Dutch Wax Prints on the brain for awhile and I love how the artist used them by styling them in an Edwardian manner.  I'm sorry I didn't get the name of the artist!

The prints hanging on the back wall are fun too.  I'd love to make a "Bob Mugabe"  nightshirt if he wasn't such a sh*t!  I've asked my sister in law,who travels to Africa quite a bit if she'll pick some up for me.  She has excellent taste so I'm not too worried!  Besides they're not really known for being subtle anyway!

We ate at the Pike Pub which was okay but had so many olde timey geegaws that I doubted how many were authentic.  It's like how can every "Hard Rock Cafe" have Elton John's platform shoes?  Hmmm....
The other "white" meat!

After that we cruised up to Pike's Central Market where we saw these men loading pork carcasses out of a van.  It was very "Francis Bacon".  (Gawd I crack myself up!) We bought bread, got caught in a "St. Patrick's Day" parade, and returned to the confines of suburbia. "Phew!"

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