Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Y'all! This is my attempt to caricature myself as the Easter Bunny.  Of course as every Mom knows you've got to put the sucre out or even the most jaded teenager will regard you with a baleful eye and make you feel like a squished Peep.  By the way, have you ever tasted these Dow Chemicals Nightmares?  "Blech" is too good a word!  The best Easter goody is the Cadbury Egg..."yum... gooey caramel, crappy milk chocolate."
These were bunnies that my students made.  I love the one with the eyes on the side of the head and the dapper green mustachio!  Although it was fun, the frenzy that is Easter is a bit much.  The kids kept seeing the Easter bunny in the schoolyard and would run to the window looking for him.  (Um... I think the reason for the holiday is actually based on someone else returning, if I'm not mistaken.)

Yesterday I took the eldest down to Fremont for a poke around.  Although it was very much against his "gangsta"  mentality he did enjoy disparaging the "hipsters".  We talked about this and that and managed to skirt some of the more provocative issues (Colombo).  I'm really lucky that I do get these fleeting moments with him because soon he'll be gone.  Which is the way it should be but still....

Getting pretty excited about New York City.  Somebody the other day said that I was very brave to go by myself.  Gosh I've never thought it that way.  I don't really have a choice, nobody could come.  But it did make me feel rather proud of myself.  I have travelled alone before but it was ages ago.  I'm looking forward to be quick on my feet, seeing what I want when I want.   What a luxury! 

This is my Easter project, redoing this Buddha's paint job.  I wasn't fussed with his putty colour to begin with and I had left him out all year.  The Seattle rain did a serious number on him.  It looked like he had experience some major head trauma!  So I've gotten some paint and am going to spiff him up a bit. This is my first attempt.  (Upon reflection:  he looks like a giant Peep...this is not a good thing!  Hope my karma doesn't suffer for this!)

It's really fun to teach myself something new and do some thing creative.  After the Buddha's done, I've got a lamp project to do.  My bro-in-law was down last week and he's a really creative guy so I bounced a few ideas off him and got really inspired.  He's got the "mechanical/electrical" background that I don't have so it helps to chat him up a bit.  I miss being able to exchange ideas with people.  It's hard when you "see" one way and others "see" another.  Most creative problems are so easily and obviously solved but lots of people can't figure it out.  Creativity, for some reason, intimidates a whole lotta people.

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  1. That brother-in-law of yours sounds like a great guy to have around. Does he cook, too?