Saturday, April 6, 2013

One more sleep...

Mishka Eyeball
Pretty excited.  This time tomorrow night I'll be getting ready to go to the airport to fly to NYC!  Woo hoo!  Life is good.  I'll be taking a red eye so I can maximize my 5 days there.  Got my guide book and my plans are made! Culture, shopping, eating, walking, it all planned!

It was back to school today.  It's spring session.  There's only a morning class and the instructor is a really interesting guy.  The class is about engaging communities and fundraising for museums.  He told us about his racial background (which is very diverse) and then asked us to tell him which community he belongs to.  It was a good wake up about who is coming to the museum and museum's assumption about who comes.  The demographics of the United States are changing and the emerging groups are not traditionally museum going types.  So how do you reach out and make these institutions relevant to them?    But what really touched me today was that 3 people came up to me before class and handed me something about New York museums and/or fashion curators.  They had been reading the articles and had thought of me!  Wah!  So sweet!

Our landlord has asked us to show the house.  I really don't want to do it as one of us has to be there while they tour the place but truth be told...I don't want to clean up. It's not like "Hoarders" or anything. I'm willing to live with a layer dust or as we, in the museum business call it...patina!

See ya in the Big Apple!

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