Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It really is like it is in the movies...

Images, sounds, colours, smells are all running through my head.  So much so that I can't sleep!  New York's put me out of sorts.  It's not that I had a terrible time, I had an amazing time.  So much of NYC is the feeling of being there.  Of seeing the places you've seen on the screen or hearing the voices of the people.
Not surprisingly then, it's the small moments that have the greatest resonance.  Yeah, I saw MOMA but it was the guy outside who was selling his work that I really remember.  It was the cop who was drinking coffee(..sorry cawfee) out of one of those paper cups with the greek keys printed on it, just like Law & Order.  It was sitting in the Rose Main reading room at the NY public library sneaking a snack, just like I did in University.  It was the gorgeous fireman who smiled at me on my way to the 911 Memorial.  It was being able to find my way around the subway.  It was finding this obscure store way deep in Soho for my son without a map. It was being asked for directions because somebody thought you lived there. It was for walking on the High Line and feeling like you'd already been walking above the ground.  It was for getting swept along but not swept under.

Everything's bigger in NYC.
Brooklyn Bridge
Jasper Johns

"Dirty Water Dog"

Shoe Obsession, FIT
It really is the greatest city in the world.

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