Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm baaack...

I'm baaack!  Can't believe how long it has been since I wrote.  It's kind of hard when your laptop, cameras, ipod, and other personal effects have been stolen.  Yup, one of my last impressions of the US is of being robbed.  It is funny I don't feel violated just po'd.  Fortunately we had everything documented and were able to recover most of the costs.  I was most sorry to lose my costume jewelry.  It had the most memories.  For about a month I had a weird kind of Tourette's Syndrome where I would blurt out "oh they got that too!" as I remembered various pieces.

Then during all this, University wrapped up.  I had been doing a professional certificate through the University of Washington.  It was a museum studies course.  I loved that course and my classmates.
Don't I look like I know what I'm doing?
That was an emotional roller coaster!  The advisor had us all in a tizzy about our papers.  She kept referring to it as a "thesis" when in actuality it was a report.  So I (my sister may have helped with some suggestions...) managed to eek out 17 pages, 14 point.  Anywhooo I passed my course and can now put it on my resume...oh la la!  The museum in Colombo just opened a textiles gallery the end of May so who knows?  I think I'll have a lot of fun trying to get something going.

We also had to show the house to potential renters.  Lemme tell ya I did not bust my hump cleaning.  I just told potential renters, "this is how the house really lives!" Our landlord was long distance and fairly difficult to deal with.  He also cheaped out on everything and ended up damaging a very nice property.  Oh well...

Fortunately the kids had a nice sendoff from school and they seemed to have made some really nice friends.  My eldest is now glued to Skype having those meaningful long distance chats with his girlfriend.  "Sigh", I remember those days.

So I am turning my face to the future and our new adventures.  This weekend Cathy is coming over to the Island and we are going to go to the Nanaimo Museum(who knew?!).  There is a show about Art Deco fashions and the curator of the Society for the Museum of Original Costume is going to give a talk along with it.  I think it will be a fun day.  G leaves shortly after that for Colombo.  He's going down with his bro.  Once he goes, I will take M off on a road trip.  I might be able to catch up with R in the Okanagan but I will definitely meet up with my sister and a few other rellys!  I have to do some recon on potential retirement spots.  I'm looking forward to seeing the Karoleena showhome.  We kick around until the 21st of July then it's back to the US.

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