Monday, July 22, 2013

Off to the Okanagan

Woo hoo...road trip!
Yeah!  Summer road trip.  Dropped G off with his brother to continue on down to Seatac and out.  It wasn't the emotional farewell I had envisioned because now the G's brother will drink occasionally, G's been looking for to trying all the microbreweries in Washington State.  So I got a very warm handshake and quick glimpse of the bunnymobile as it roared off into the night1

"Okanagan activities!"
Mika and I zoomed out ourselves and hit the Coquihalla Highway and were up in Kelowna in no time.  However it took forever to find Rhonda's folks place because Google Maps doesn't recognize road blocks.  Finally broke down and went into Waggie Willie's Dog Salon for directions..sheesh!

Picked Sue up at the airport then next day and meandered back down to Penticton.  Saw a really cute row house in Summerland but if only the architect had had the vision to slightly stagger the houses everyone would have a decent view of the lake and not only of their neighbours' balacony.  The MLS detail sheet made me laugh that the beach was only "134 seconds away"!  I made it in down 132...a personal best!

Then we caught up with Doug, Shelley and Andrea and the 3 enormous beasts they call dogs in Penticton.  Andrea's updated her house a bit and it looks really good.   We ended up going to Skaha beach for a late evening bbq.  I think Mika really liked it as it was such a "Canadian" thing to do.

Tout les gang sur la plage!
The next day a whack of us drove up to Naramata to see the Jim Treliving project.  It was quite fantastic but I ended up asking more questions that answering them.  When you get to a certain age you have to ask, " Could I live here alone?  How close is the nearest hospital.  Do I want to be on the road that much?"  Argh!  Naramata is very cool but the winter would be DEADLY!

So we pissed around and basically spent the next few days hanging out. It was great as I hardly ever see Doug and Shelley.  The neighbour hosted all of us and Jon and Janelle came down from Kelowna.  It's the first time I got to meet her and she seems really nice.  I think she's good for Jon.  However I don't think she understood my footwear.

I dumped Sue off at the airport then continued up to check out Vernon.  I found the old town to be a bit lacking and it wasn't until my way out that I discovered the marina.  Now that place had some potential.  Looks like a lot of it coming online in the next couple of years.  After that I went to my favorite place, Anne and Ian's.  Sigh.  Why don't they just give it to me and put me out of my future retirement misery?  They have a wee place across the road from the water.  They've reno'd nicely and it's all you NEED.  "Do you hear me developers of Okanagn Center?!"  You don't need more than 1500 sq. are there for the lake not your house!!!! ("Phew! I feel better now")

Saturday, after Ian towed us around the lake on his new floatie, Mika and I hit the road for Osoyoos.  Mika likes it there for some reason so I indulged him! It was smokin' hot and very empty.  In fact most of the Okanagan was empty. The floods in southern Alberta will sure have an impact on this region for a while.  The hotel owner said he had 9 families cancel this week...ouch!  On Monday, Mika and I rented paddleboards.  Wow was that fun!  He had never paddled before and I had only done it once previously.  The owner gave us extra time and we really enjoyed it.  There was a moment of panic for Mika when we were out but I think he felt the lake was very dark and deep.  Plus we had floated a bit further that we thought so it was a bit of a paddle in!  He loves the fact I got swamped and he didn't!  ("Really mature!").  We both had jelly legs and chilled the rest of the time...I love being able to have this time with him.  I wish Nick would've come too, but it's not be.
First time Paddleboarder!

Setting son!
We boogied back to YVR where we were to crash at Rhonda's.
 Unfortunately just before Abbotsford we came to a grinding halt on the Trans Canada.  We sat there FOR EVAH!  Then I decided that moving, even if it is out of my way, was better than not. So we deeked off the hwy and headed for #7 hwy or the Lougheed.  I had taken it by accident last year so everything was familiar...just backwards!

We arrived at Rhonda's and she had baked a cake and made a really thoughtful 50th bday package for me!  I am so truly blessed.  We had lots of good laughs and got quite giddy... as usual.  She looks great and seems to moving right along.  I have always said if G and I get divorced I get full custody of Rhonda.  Also nice was that Cathy called.  She had been invited to come out but had a work dinner.  We had a good chinwag and I am happy that I did get to see her, however briefly, on the Island.
Laughing way too much to blow!

So I left Rhonda's sadly, but curiously excited to see clean undies again.  I've been living in the same stuff for awhile it seems! We got there in decent time but got stuck in a one ferry sailing wait (hey, that's BC Ferries for you).   So Mika and I wandered around Horseshoe Bay.  I don't think I've been into the townsite since Nick was a wee gaffer.

So we leave early Sunday morning to begin the final leg of our journey.  Finally I am able to turn my thoughts towards new and different adventures and situations.
Birthday lunch at Win's.

Thank you to everyone who made our summer so great!  We shall miss you all.

I feel incredibly blessed to lead the life I do! Thanks for reading!

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