Saturday, July 27, 2013

First Daze in Sri Lanka

Finally here!
 The boys and I landed here on Thursday.  It was a long flight and even though it was business class, you still arrived all turned around...smug but all turned around! Arriving in the dark was a bit disconcerting.  Plus it was not really what I expected.  I knew it would be ramshackle but I was looking at through teenage eyes and what I saw was not inviting!  To Nick's credit he didn't say anything!

Our apartment turned out to be great!  It isn't flash nor large but has lots of potential and it centrally located.  We face north and east.  "Iceland Residencies"  is on Galle Road, a major thoroughfare.  There is a shopping centre nearby and lots of big hotels.

Daytime view from our balcony.

Night view from our balcony!

Boldly seeking out new adventures!
It is the second day being here and aside from just toddling over to the nearest grocery, G and I went for a stroll along Galle Face Green.  This is an open area along the water just down from the docks.  It was around 4pm and people were starting to come out to enjoy the breeze.  There were kites flying and even a snake charmer!  Let me tell you there is nothing charming about a cobra in a basket!
A Jeff Koons installation?
Getting ready for the evening perambulators.

A man with a flag sticking out of his head.

Pinwheels ready for sale.
Beach food vendors. 

Sundowners at the Dutch Hospital.
 We managed to dodge the touts and ended up at the Dutch Hospital.  This low building has been converted into shops and upscale restaurants.  We stopped for sundowners (me a "G and T" and G a Diet Pepsi).  It was really nice to just sit and begin to soak in the ambience with G.  It was kind of nice to remember how it felt when we first began traveling together.

So after dodging touts and bird shit we made our way home.  The kids were in the same place we left them..surprise, surprise!  Eventually they'll get bored and come out with us!

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