Saturday, August 3, 2013

"Same as it ever was..

Okay, reality rears it's ugly head.  I'm hot and sweaty.  I don't have any of my stuff/shit.  I am trapped at home with 2 teenage boys and my ATM card does not work.  I fear that we're going to have to live "on the economy" as they used to say in Korea.  That is a lotta dahl!

We went to school for interviews and let's just say they were less than stellar!  The campus though was very nice and quite familiar.  "Why?"  Well, the layout is similar to ISKL.  The traffic was crazy but it gave us a chance to find "GONUTS", a drive through donut shop and the "Coffee bean and Tea leaf". I spent many a pleasant hour there in Singapore.  It was also easy to see how gracious old Colombo must have been.  There are heaps of lovely looking houses and massive Banyan trees.  There are also several lakes in the city, granted the water is an unbelievable green but still lovely!

We ventured out the other night to "Barefoot"(  It is a famous shop here in Colombo. They have a courtyard cafe and that night they were showing "Searching for Sugarman".  It was a great film but the evening was so surreal.  Sometimes you find yourself having a "Talking Heads" moment...

"You may find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife 

You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here? 

Today dawned a bit better as we got cash last night.  I'd really hate to have to break one of the kids' limbs to better my begging chances.  G took me over to the American Commissary this morning to show me what is available.  It is generally speaking stuff I would never purchase (French Fried Onions?)but I can imagine that after awhile it will look pretty good!  The best part was that we met some really nice Aussies.  
I think they mean it!

After a long, dramatic negotiation we managed to dislodge the boys from their electronics and get them out.  G wanted to take us over to the Canadian Club.  The original chancery is being renovated so G is in a temporary location.  However the club is at the old that?  Anyway the boys played pool and had a good time..huh..imagine that!  

I tried to get some arty shots but I have to admit I am a bit leery of hanging out in areas in Asia with decrepit open sewers.  I don't know call me crazy!  Plus I saw some really big holes in the ground which I am positive house giant pythons with a taste for Canadian blood! 

I'll send along some gratuitous photos later on.  Out for German cuisine tonight!  It's a weird world.

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