Monday, September 2, 2013

"If you've seen Juan's Car Wash, you've seen..."

One of G's favorite puns.

Thursday was the day of the dreaded bus tour.  You know I'm not a big joiner but I decided that this posting was going to be different.  I wanted to see if I had any social skills left. I'm beginning to suspect that maybe G chooses not to invoke his skills anymore and if we want a social life (that's not golf) it's up to me!

So the PTA had a coffee morning and then a city tour laid on. There was a really good turnout (30?) and even 3 men!  Everyone was super friendly and soon I had met a few people.  One lady came up to me and commented that she recognized me from behind...she had been at the Wednesday yoga class!  Not my best angle but she seemed really lively and fun.

The first stop on the tour was the Kollupitiya Market.  I soon realized that I had already been to most of these places so I was free to walk around and snap photos.  Believe me, the market photographs cleaner than it is!  Then we headed over to a gem shop where absolutely nothing interested me but I chatted with a lady who is a member of the International Expats Association.  Their sign up meeting is on Tuesday. I'll see if anyone else from the CDN group is interested in going.  Since a lot of expats live in the Iceland I imagine that I'll get to meet more of my neighbours there at the meeting than at the building!
The colours are amazing but you wonder how sustainably these were fished.
Gawd I love grotty old signs!

Some of the friendly faces at the market!
This doesn't do the colours justice!
Again, fantastic signs.
The "money shot" from our Sunday walk.

What's a posting without an LOL cat?

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