Sunday, September 15, 2013

Medical Adventures in Sri Lanka

I knew it was coming on Friday.  It was that tickle in the back of the throat, the zero energy I felt.  However, I thought I can easily rise above this...I NEVER GET SICK!  But last night proved me wrong.  I ended up on the couch trying to sleep upright so I wouldn't cough or feel that anxiety I get when my nose is plugged.  Let's just say that G did not awake to a pretty sight on the sofa this morning.

So two options; 1) wallowing in self pity or 2) hie myself to the appropriate medical facilities.  I was going to go to this recommended doctor but when I got thinking about it, I'd first have to go to the ATM, get a taxi, see her, then go to a pharmacy and then head back.  Argh! Too much work so I decided I'd go to the hospital.  I must say it was a rather grim journey as the taxi went past the eye hospital and the orthopedic centre.  It was like that scene in "Jesus Christ Superstar" when all the beggars come out to see Jesus (not that I'm comparing myself to the Big Guy).

Nothing sticks out more like a sore thumb than a fifty year westerner in Sri Lankan hospital lobby.  I was promptly directed to the admitting desk. OMG, they couldn't have been nicer, especially after I paid!  It was 300 rupees (120rp - $1) to be admitted.  I was thinking to myself I've had tuk tuk rides more expensive than this!  The attending physician was heavily pregnant with her first child.  She acted surprised when I told her my age and mentioned that she was used to westerners being much spottier and wrinklier at that age!  It made me laugh!  She prescribed a bunch of stuff (yuck... I hate medicine) that set me back a whopping 457 rupees!  I hadn't even needed to go to the bank!

After less than 1 hour, I was back out on the mean streets of Colombo.  By this time I was starting to flag and needed a drink.  Fortunately there was a BreadTalk near the hospital. It is part of a chain of bakeries.   Sufficiently fortified, I decided to walk over to Union Place.  G had mentioned that there was a nicer Keel's Supermarket there.  I didn't get that far, I stopped at Arpico instead.  It's an okay place and I enjoyed a rather leisurely stroll up and down the various aisles.  Their meat looked a lot better than the demoralizing partially frozen crap at our local Keel's so I picked some up.  

On my return I managed to hook up with the nicest tuk tuk driver who had excellent English. So the moral of my story is, is that you can have a most excellent adventure even on a sh*#y day!

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