Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thank you (put your initial here)!

It's beginning to look like Christmas even in Sri Lanka!  Check out these goodies at the Bread Talk store.  All I took away was a photo, no calories!

Haven't really been doing much.  Most activities are winding down for the holidays as people "get outta Dodge".  I made a terrible miscalculation this year.  I thought the kids got 2 weeks due to CHOGM but no!  They get 3...sheeit!  I don't want to go anywhere early without G so we're kind of stuck in town until the 22nd.  That is, if I live that long!

Yup, the spirit of Christmas is in everyone except my eldest and I continue to live the "12 hellish weeks of Teenage Christmas"...supply your own lyrics! My youngest is baking like a demon for his friends.  He often speaks of perhaps going to a culinary school...cool. He's excited about Christmas and our trip to Malaysia.  We've been conferring about which restaurant makanning strategy we'll employ.  Anyway it's win-win!  

In spite of a little rain on my parade, I've had some good news this week.  My sister has bought her ticket out for a visit in Feb...yeah!  She's just doing her visa now.  I've got my list all made of places I want to go to!  It's funny how having someone along with you gives you that "Dutch Courage" to go places or to do things you wouldn't normally do.  Perhaps it's the show-off in me. Thank you S!

Also really nice was an email from old friend from Korea days, telling me that she had read my blog (yeah, a reader who is not related to me!) and if I needed to commiserate about teenage angst to call.  "Wow, it is amazing how that short email made me feel so much better!"  I won't call because I'm not a phoner but it wonderful to know she's there.  Thank you J!

Further proof to me that I'm not totally friendless was a lovely package I received from R in PoCo.  She put together a thoughtful note with leaves (I have to be careful when I open up her cards because something's always falling out!) and a funny little change purse.  Thank you R!

I also taught a yoga class on Monday.  I never know if it was successful or not because I'm always thinking "oh I could've done this or that".  It was small group but that was okay because then you get to do more stuff with them.  I love how the energy of the room changes when people partner.  Everyone gets all twittery!  

So even though I thought the week sucked it turned out pretty well...I am lucky.
Even my counter was Chrismassy!

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