Saturday, May 10, 2014

The week that was...

It's weird, how living here you walk around Sunday thinking, "Well I've got a long dull week ahead."  Then suddenly, WHAMMO!  It's Friday and you wonder where the time went! Must be a symptom of ageing.

So let's review shall we? 

Monday was good.  Whilst not particularly busy I had time to show the ladies at The Om Space my stuff.  They were totally lovely about it and treated me professionally...which of course threw me for a loop!  Serena even mentioned orders of eye bags for class as well as giving me some display space in the shop!  Well that just set my menopausal heart afllutter.  It's amazing what stress, even good stress does to your system when you're like this.

Tuesday I knew that I had talked about things entirely too much and therefore had no stock for the yard sale on Wednesday (I'm more of a conceptualist!)  So I blew off the International Expats meeting to stay home and crank sh*t out.  What was an added bonus was that I was listening to CBC and Stewart Maclean and Jian Gomeshi were on.  It was a bacchanalia of CanCon!* 

Wednesday was the day of the Yard Sale at school.  I knew that this wasn't the best venue for me, but I wanted to get out and try things.  So off I went. It turned out to be mostly children's toys but a few people stopped by who were interested in yoga.  I had to laugh to myself at all the pitying looks I was getting as the tables on either side of me were reaping in thousands of rupees.  They were beating off customers with a stick, made of LEGOs!    Ha!  My products had no PVC or BHAs.  My yoga items will not cause your son's breasts to develop prematurely! Take that!   I'M NOT BITTER...NO!  The organizer of the event took pity on me and bought one eye bag.  That's almost worse than none.  Oh well.  I learned a lot!

So what's the meat in this sandwich?  

  1. Have fun.  This is not the's a yard sale.  
  2. I have to edit my display a bit more.
  3. Learning to engage with people more easily (story of my life!)
  4. Different photos, it's obvious to me what the props are used for but not to all.
  5. Project more confidence in the product as I really do believe in props and I am proud of my work.
  6. Perhaps cover the eye bags with a thin film as people were handling them and hands are grotty.  You know a display bag maybe.
  7. Next time have the "Yoga Doodles" ready. What are Yoga Doodles?  Well it's my avatar doing poses for kids to colour.  Basically free colouring pages with my email address on it. 
Tables were small so had to "edit" carefully!

Thursday Jo took me to a bling bling store here in Colombo.  It had every type of sequin, bead, etc..  Almost too much. I got quite excited and bought some stuff I'm not really sure I need (since when has that been a problem?) I am going to teach myself how to do that Indian mirror embroidery. I want to exaggerate it for my yoga mat bags. It's something I like to do, take a handicraft style and try to put a twist on it. We had fun in the store and then there was a lunch at Min Han afterwards.  It's the Chinese hole in the wall that's pretty decent.  The decor is the best though, Chinese Communist party bistro circa

Friday I filled in for Sabina at Om Space.  I taught my first restorative yoga class and quite enjoyed it.  The group was older and I was worried that I'd break them but they seemed to enjoy the class and watching other people chill wasn't as dull as I thought it might be. 

Saturday I got to be yoga'd and it was great.  I'm always glad when I go.  We had 2 evening events to go to but unfortunately we couldn't find the first one, which was a gathering of my night-time yoga class.  I was quite bummed about that as everyone is really nice and you hardly ever get a chance to speak with people after class.  The second event was a birthday party for a newly arrived American family.  They are wonderful hosts and very cordial.  We owe them a couple of dinners...yikes.

Sunday I am sitting in the CoffeeBean after dropping Greg off at golf thinking, "Well I've got a long dull week ahead."

Have a good one people!

*Canadian Content

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