Thursday, May 1, 2014

"Just another Manic Friday..."*

Can't believe what has transpired in just one year.  I looked in the cupboard at my fav coffee cup only to realize it was only 12 months ago I was in New York!  Now here I am in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  It's a weird world!
"What are You lookin' at?" (To be read in your best Travis Bickle voice) 

I've also just decided to go for it vis-a-vis selling my yoga stuff.  There is a yard sale at the school next week and while it might not be the perfect venue, it's good experience.  Plus the table is FREE! So last night I got some people in my yoga class to model the eye bags. 
Is that not hilarious, but restful at the same time?
 I am super happy with how they turned out! I also want to use the pictures as instructions.  Lots of people don't know about props and how they can deepen your practice.  In fact, I've been toying with the name "Yoga Prop-aganda"  as the title for the booth.  it's not perfect but it's getting there.  Besides everyone is asking me what my "business" is called so, "there people...YOGA PROP-AGANDA.  You happy now?!!"  (That's wee bit cranky!)

Gratuitous cute son shot! He's such a good guy!
I've got pants to sell, more rice bags, some mat bags, and maybe some belts (if I can get off my duff).  I went with the tubular mat bag style as it is easier to produce and I can highlight more of my design work on the bag.  I've got a very strong graphic going and I'm really pleased with it.

Speaking of strong graphic, I am helping out the International Expats with making their Xmas stuff (yeah, I love working with felt in the tropics!) and I was reminded of the story my mom told about going to her quilting class and everyone had done all these beautiful muted tone quilts.  When she unfurled her "Hobbema Quilt"**,  there was an audible gasp, then a palpable silence fell over the room!  Well, it was the same with my Christmas Tree bottle covers.  The other ladies had done these gorgeous, more traditional colours and designs with beading etc., and there was mine, LOUD & Proud!
Don't worry, I've since added a star.
Now I'm on to Snowmen bottle covers.  I guess being the only Canadian in this group I am the expert on all things snow!  Of course, the only snowman that comes to mind is the giant snowman my older brother once made that was anatomically correct and quite tumescent ( was cold) But I digress.

I was a bit of a bear this morning and after dropping off G, I was going to stop at Ronnie Mac's for an insipid coffee but decided against it and came home.  So what should I discover to my great surprise?  The little store downstairs has brought in a barrista and goodies from Pan Pan, the local bakery.  Whoo hoo!  It was a pretty decent latte that got me over the hump!  I have included this picture just because it made me laugh.

When models and vegetables mate.

Have a good weekend!

* The Bangles
**Hobbema is a reservation in Alberta and the Aboriginal people there use loads of wild colours in their dance costumes.

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