Thursday, July 3, 2014

"Think I'll go out to Alberta..."

 Pretty glorious shot.  It's the flag off the Admin building at the U of A.  Took N up there to just get feel for the possibility university has.  He doesn't have to go to U of A (which he made abundantly clear!) but I'm glad he came and saw it anyway.

After our campus visit we went to the Provincial Museum to see this show.  It's a traveling exhibit from EMP in Seattle (will I never be free of that place?!).  It was pretty good.  The best part for me was the wall of album covers.  They were mostly from the 80's and to see The Runaways, Ramones etc., was fun.  

My apologies to G as he is a Ducati fan but I look pretty awesome!

Then we drove downtown which remains dismal, but we came across the Neon Museum.  It's a quite cool idea and a few of the signs I recognized from when I was younger.  Must be nice for those guys who have their condos downtown. 

This is the remains of M's last baby tooth.

This was kind of fun.  S found on the teacher's email that someone was looking for a yoga teacher for her daughter's birthday party.  Apparently birthday parties have themes now and hers was "wellness"!  Uh...okay.  They were really fun girls and we had a good laugh and I made a fair chunk of change from that!   

The boys have picked up a few odd jobs.  It's been hard as N is legal but he's not bondable so he can't do retail.  (Sigh, next year?)  Anyway he and his brother have been helping out.  S can use their energy as she has lots of bits and bobs that need moving/chucking out, etc..
Sylvan Lake is Hockeyville this year...who knew?
We went out to Sylvan Lake for Canada Day this year.  It was a picture perfect Alberta day.  I really love my province on days like this.  The sky especially.
Can't go to Sylvan and not do The Big Moo.

So my next big project is selling my "Jesus in a ham sandwich" on the internet.  Obviously I have a lot of time on my hands.

"Hammy Summer everyone!

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