Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Don't drink and glue gun..."

So I'm trying to take advantage of the free time I have left before I'm "swamped" at the yoga studio job.  Actually what happened was this lady from school (who put together the first table sale I did) asked me if I'd like to do another sale.  "Why the heck not?", I thought to myself.  You see I was full of the leftover enthusiasm for things that R left behind.  

I've been painting, poking, pressing, pulling and paying for the stuff to make...um...more stuff!  I've decided to branch out from yoga goodies into other schmutz.  
Since I can't decision on one single product, I've decided to go with many.  Hence, "misc."
So here's the name of my booth.  I lurve the pink colour, it's quite sexy!  I got cards made as well.  Now I only have 198 cards to get rid of!  

These are tins for storing whateva!.  Plus you can write with chalk on them.
These have been problematic from the git go.  The lids are quite tight when fully pressed down which is good if you want to store food stuffs but my intent is that they be used for cotton buds, etc..
I've also made a bunch of my photos into card sets.
My cards actually blew my socks off!  I was a bit bummed while doing them because I didn't realize that the size of the photo definitely does have an impact on what is available for the card's space.  So they are not exactly as I envisioned them but they are pretty durn close!  It also didn't help that the artist was less than thrilled to be doing my stuff. I think that they all had bigger projects on the go and that I may have jumped the queue.  She wanted me to just send my stuff via email but I wanted to see what was going to be printed.  Though Anim8 is good, lots of people I know have had spelling errors, etc., from their website designer.
Reuseable fruit and veggie bags.
I have to admit that this is definitely not an original idea but they have been on my mind since Seattle.  The genesis was further hastened by the fact that we are drowning in shitty little plastic bags from Keel's.
I think that these are kind of fun.  Originally I was going to use them for our dinner party next month, but then I thought perhaps others might like them.  So below are the "works in progress".  I made the block, painted it with acrylic and then stamped it on the burlap.  They are not designed to last for ever but they are quite striking.
Hand blocked placements.
Lastly, are the eye bags.  I have a whole bunch(sigh!) leftover from the pola/market.  I still like the yoga stuff but there isn't the market here for it.  Once again I find myself ahead of the curve!  Story of my life.
Last but not least, the eye bags.  Ta dah!

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