Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Little Market

What a blast I had yesterday.  I haven't felt that great in awhile! 

Woke up with a few things to do on my "critter cans" but overall I was ready to go and felt pretty happy with my output.  The only reality check I had, was going out to the elevator and finding it not working.  Yikes,  we live on the 23rd floor and I had a fair amount of stuff to hump down  (believe me I wasn't calling it "stuff" at that particular moment!)  Stressed me out a bit but thankfully the service elevator was okay, so down I went.

The venue was really cute and just the right space.  Naturally I got the crappiest table but fortunately we were able to move it to the shade!  There were 10 vendors and a really nice selection of items.  The jewelry tables were guaranteed to sell out.  
Made in the shade.

I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction to all my stuff.  My table looked really nice and I think the "merchandising" was good too.  I kept it simple and informative.  However people still pulled photos out of the packages even though I had the sets' contents displayed...sigh.  The reuseable grocery bags were a big seller, then my cards, the critter cans and then the placemats.  The friggin' eyebags didn't budge although there was interest.  Some lady from Dubai swooped in and wanted to order 10, another time though..way to crush my hopes! I think I recouped 2/3 of my outlay!

The best part was that I had girded my loins not to know anyone and have to make SMALL TALK..argh! But no! I knew tonnes of people and had great chinwags with people.  I was so chuffed!  It was relaxed, it was easy, and it was fun!

In fact, I was so full of goodwill that I agreed to do a table for the American's bazaar in November.  In the bright light of day I wonder how smart that was!  But I do have some ideas...

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