Saturday, October 19, 2013

A UN Day shout out to Sue...thank you!

M futzed around with his camera and made this. Pretty Awesome!
 The dreaded day arrived...UN Day at school.  It actually had nothing to do with the UN but it was more a celebration of diversity at Overseas School of Colombo (OSC).  It's pretty cool that there are roughly 42 different groups in such a small school and that's not even counting the dual nationals!  I got rooked into being the Canada Country Rep so had to set up a table for this day.  I have to be honest, people were kinda sh*%$y about helping out so the workload was on my shoulders.  Luckily, M was extremely helpful in the baking dept. ( Not so much the cleaning up dept though!)  He made the shortbread cookies.  What was kind of nostalgic for me was being in the kitchen with him and pulling out the decades old cookie presses I used with my Mom to make these cookies.  He made one batch, I, the other and promptly declared his batch shorter!  Cheeky monkey!  I made 2 batches of Nanaimo bars.  They are no-bake and actually quite easy to make. 
This is before my head spouted holes.
 Of course, at the root of every event is "what am I going to wear?"  So this is what I came up with!  Quite effective I must say!  I think though some people thought me a chicken but I was making a statement...yes, a STATEMENT.  You see, I did have help at the table from a French Canadian guy, I was the English Canadian and my headgear represented the First Nations...get it? Oh well, made me laugh.  I think I poked a few of the smaller kids eyes out with it though.  By the end of the day those teeth that secure the headband to your hair were doing some serious stuff to my skull.  I was happy to get it off!  

Our lovely Canada table.
 So here's what my sister's generous contribution looked like!  Thank you so much Sue!  Everyone loved the Timmy's boites and were bummed that there weren't any inside!  I used hockey pucks as the name cards for the dishes and the HBC cookie tin you gave us at Christmas.  The principal of the elementary came through and made dollar size pancakes for the table and they were a great success.  But judging by the feeding frenzy, spoiled meat and fridge goo would've have also been a big success!  M was so proud of his cookies and told lots of his teachers he had made them.  He plans to bake for his buddies this weekend.
I'm sure he's texting "Oh Canada".
N, as the eldest Canadian, was the flagbearer.  He downplayed being the flag guy but I noticed come the morning of the day he carefully selected an outfit which represented our flag.  He is funny that way.  We had about 7 kids under our flag but as mentioned before there are a bunch of dual-nationals.  We got lots of people come up to us and say that they were happy to see that Canada had a separate table from the Americans and that, that hadn't happened in a long time!  A few people came up and thanked me for my work when they heard that I did it all by myself (and M). That was nice. Sue was right about that when she said not to pull out because of lack of assistance, just go do it.  Besides this is payback for all those people who went before me and did this for my kids at our other schools.  Don't tell anyone but, it was fun!

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