Sunday, October 13, 2013

It kinda snuck up on me...

Canadian Thanksgiving...I had totally forgotten that it is this time of year.  That's the only problem with the tropics is, is that it's like Vegas.  The light and temperature are such that you never really notice the passage of time.  However, unlike Vegas there are no free cocktails! 

Our Head of Mission (HOM) opened up the OR (Official Residence) to a pot luck dinner for the staff. She has a lovely house and it was very welcoming.  The kids could run around the yard and chase the dog.  It is the cutest dog ever!! She's a West Highland White Terrier and a dead ringer for that "Maggie" who stars in those commercials back home.  I COVET that beast.  Even though I really like the dog, I can't understand why my voice goes up several pitches and I want to say repetitive stuff like, "who's a good doggie", "does your mummy wuve you...yes she does!" I never even spoke to my own kids like that!  What gives?!

Anyway I felt the time was right to introduce our family tradition to the rest of the world (hopefully to get a laugh this time!).  No, it is not aspic, nor ambrosia salad, nor any other of those wonderful 50's concoctions, it is the Rice Krispie Turkey!  Ta dah!
Next year I'm going to develop rice krispie giblets to go inside! Stay tuned!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Everyone!
May you be surrounded by family and friends and that you take the time to appreciate all that you have in your life and the fantastic place we call home.

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