Monday, October 21, 2013

Be busy or be seen as being so...

Is this the scourge of modern times, being busy?  Being busy is being seen as being important.  "Places to go, people to see, things to do?"  When you're not, you feel like a loser.  "When did this happen to us?"  I remember days of nothing to do as a kid and it was fabulous.  Plus I never felt bad about it.  I guess the closer I get to death, the more I'm aware of timing passing!  

The dust has begun to settle here in Sri Lanka.  The kids have begun to make friends and hang out.  Greg's got his golf buddies.  I've found some yoga, though it is not exactly what I was looking for.  I like the vinyasa-style but my wrists are aching from all the downdogs etc.  I'm loathe to go for it because I don't want to lose my yoga practice.  But of course, that's a sign from yoga that I'm doing something I shouldn't.

But I'm still not satisfied.  I've got enough piddly stuff (household stuff) that I have to hang around for which would be okay except our internet usage is throttled so I can't even download stuff.  (That's why I've made the Java Lounge, the Official Wifi Stealing Shop of pegthaccompanyingspouse!)

I want/need to do something creative.  I've noticed that when I lie down in corpse pose at the end of my yoga practice there is no energy circling in my palms.   I can summon it, but it doesn't feel right, because before it was generated spontaneously.  (I wonder if I need to be reiki'd.)  Back to creativity!  I've talked about joining the sketchbook project out of the.   Brooklyn Public Library.  In a nutshell, it is bunch of people who share their experiences of life through their journals. They are given a set of parameters to follow and a specific size book.  They then send these to the library and the library will save them or digitize them.  Then the books tour the US and into BC.  It's very cool, but a little bit daunting.  As you may have seen, I have a cartoon character that I use to illustrate my journal/blog.  But my Archie's style seems so lame compared to what others are doing.  But I won't let that stop me. 

I think my blog group is at an impasse.  I've got to get people to kickstart their blogs because realistically it just makes more sense to "publish and be damned!"  Also there is enormous satisfaction in your first post.  I know that I checked it every few days as I was so chuffed with what I did!  I also assumed that there would also be a flurry of comments and an intro into the rarified air of the bloggers universe.  Alas no, but I'm still having fun.

But something's missing...maybe I'm not busy enough!

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