Thursday, November 7, 2013

CHOGM...I thought it was a holiday!

This is the week before all the heads of the Commonwealth of Nations descend like locusts on Colombo (CHOGM).  Due to politics between Canada and Sri Lanka, Canada has decided to give this meeting a miss.  There have been a few awkward moments but more for the HOM than us.  On the good side, if Mr. Harper came then we would be stuck in town! (Because it is all about how it affects me!)   G would be "liftin' that bale and totin' that barge"  for Harper' posse.  As it is, it will be a horrible week of road closures and sulking teenagers off school.  So instead of barricading myself between the Xbox and them,  we're taking our sulking teenagers on a road trip! Whee!  Shades of WallyWorld loom large!

The first night out we're down south beyond Unawatuna (gawd I love saying that place's name!) to visit a colleague who is on R and R from Delhi.  She's staying at a villa with someone else so, there may or may not be space for us.  Apparently place is heaven on earth!  Sri Lanka really is blessed with gorgeous beaches. Then to Nuriyallia(spelling?) and then on to Kandy. Kandy, I imagine, is going to be similar to the Cameron Highlands as it is a tea growing region and where the colonials went to cool down!

I'm looking forward to it.  This has really been an emotionally hard 10+ days for me.  I've been up and down like a yoyo.  I know intellectually that you never get anything thrown at that you can't handle but it doesn't mean that it still doesn't take it out of you.  I really feel like time has sped up and the things I want to do are getting pushed further and further back as I have to react to the here and now.  Our time here really is very our time in Sri Lanka, not earth!

Also been trying to get our Xmas holidays organized.  N wanted to go to Seattle, M wanted to go to Malaysia, and G was ambivalent !  So took those bulls by the horns and booked.  We're going to KL, Cameron Highlands, and Penang!  Whoo HOO!  Life is good.  I booked a hotel in KL that is near our old place...will be weird to be back but not living there.  I'm sure the changes are huge!  The kids and I will go in advance of G and do some shopping etc.  Gotta throw N a bone every once in awhile!  What's great about my instagram foodie other son is, is that he is excited about where we'll eat!  It's unanimous though...Suzi's Corner!
Wow, there she be in all her car park glory!

So I'll report back when I can get internet and time!  

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