Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Colombo to Mirissa to Kandy and back.

We left Colombo on Friday afternoon to pick up the kids at school and then head on down to the beach at Mirissa.  we were to meet up with friends staying at a rather flash villa. Being as it's off season there was plenty of room for all of us.  

Unfortunately doesn't give you an idea of the topography.
Below are some shots of the time we spent just kinda hangin' out.  I mean what else would you do at the beach?

Nick actually playing with little kids!
I love his gleeful expression!  Soon this dead fish was in everyone's face!
Some of the art at the villa.
I loved the art work but rather sobering when you think how many car parts they had to work with!  Not a good sign.

We left Mirissa quite early on Sunday as we had a long haul ahead of us up to Nuwara Eliya.  We were told it could easily be 7 to 8 hours.  It's not because the distance is so far it's because the roads are narrow and the drivers are quite crazy. We climbed from sea level to the highest point in Sri Lanka at 2500 metres. Greg did an awesome job driving and we only lost our way a few times but were able to loop back to the main roads. It is the journey afterall.  All in all, it probably only took us about 6 hours.  
I love these trucks,  I feel like I'm in the Khyber pass or something
We got in around 4 pm. and found our Misty View Bungalows.  It's very much a Fawlty Towers operation but we have an exceptional view (yes, it is misty) and we have a minder!  It's kind of weird but you do get used to it after awhile.  G, of course, just happened to bring his clubs so I dropped him off at the course on Monday.  There was nobody there except for 15 caddies!  The course is lovely and it is broken up into 3 parts throughout town!  Plus a public path cuts right through it. So not your usual hazards. 
The Royal Nuwara Eliya Golf Club.
Not bad form!
 I went back into town as I figured that the boys wouldn't too bummed if I didn't take them to the market.  I really liked this market as it was so clean and not smelly.  Plus the colours and the quality of the produce was phenomenal.  I couldn't help but take a few arty farty shots!  Please indulge me!
I love the way bananas are presented here.  They look like they are on Mary Poppin umbrellas or even elephant trunks.

 We saw this Grandpa proudly pushing his granddaughter up the hill.  They were so lovely together!

So we've got our holiday rhythm of sleep, eat, veg, doze, eat, sleep down to a science.  
So this is usually how our afternoons end.
So tomorrow we pack up for another drive to Kandy.  This one is not so long and we're going down in elevation.  I think there is more of a townsite to check out.  See you there!

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