Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween.  I thought maybe I had dodged that bullet by moving here.  But due to the insidiousness of that other evil empire (Hallmark) even the Sri Lankans are taking it on. There was one store that had hired an actress to be a witch.  I got what she was on about but there were some very bemused shoppers!

Our community coordinator put together a Halloween tour for the little kids at post.  The HOM loves to dress up her place and I sense that there was some rivalry with some of the other staff!  So they went to her house and then came back to our building to haunt the floors.  We were astounding by how much candy those little hands can grab!

I wasn't going to really do anything but something deep inside me broke and I had to, I just had to!  So I brought out the old tickle trunk and jumped in.  I made tombstones out of cereal boxes and white glue, a watermelon jack o'lantern, "boarded up our place" and condemned it! (Must give credit to M...his idea!)
 Our helper, Sulani, just kind of looked at me while I was doing all this.  I had a blast doing it too. I find that those projects were you have limited resources, time and money are often the more creatively rewarding, the less you have the better it is. (WARNING: this does not apply to shoes!!)  I wish that I could have figured out how to control the hallway light sensor but management is picky enough without that added hassle of me adjusting the lighting.  Anyway I spent entirely too much time on something that lasted, say, 5 minutes tops!  Isn't that always the way?  Plus those little kids didn't even get my puns...sheesh.  They just wanted candy!  I can't work with these people!

M, of course, got into the act and in addition to baking cookies for his buddies came up with this really bizarre outfit.  He insisted that I buy him a dolly and then we were to dismember it.  Too macabre for me, so we figured out a way to create the effect without any discarded limbs.
He is good fun!

Anyway I hope everyone had a super holiday.  The day after, we saw Christmas lights at the mall...the horror...the horror!

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